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Sustainability: FAQ


We can proudly say that Corners Packaging is a Carbon Neutral entity. Between the environmentally responsible practices at our production facility and our forest in Costa Rica which is used to sequester CO2, we are actually a net Carbon Negative operation. Our customers are able to have a Carbon Neutral logo printed on their packaging.


Our 150,000 square foot production facility runs on 100% renewable energy via solar and wind power. Running on clean energy contributes to limiting our carbon footprint. It also allows us to be an EPA Green Power Partner and also results in the conservation of over 7,000 barrels of oil annually (equivalent to taking 600 cars off the road).


Sustainable sourcing practices are crucial to having an environmentally responsible operation. We make sure to only source paperboard from supplier that carry FSC or SFI certifications. Our customers can have peace of mind knowing that the materials their folding cartons are being printed on are coming from sustainably regulated forests.

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